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Cruz Demands Public Outline of Iran Deal

Via The Hill:

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is demanding six world powers and Iran to produce a single outline of the framework agreement reached over Tehran’s nuclear program.

“While there appears to be consensus that some agreement was reached … there is no consensus on the actual parameters of that agreement — including such critical items as the scope of Iran’s ongoing nuclear program, the extent of the [International Atomic Energy Agency] verification regime, and the schedule for nuclear-related sanctions relief by both the United States and the international community,” Cruz, a 2016 presidential contender, wrote Friday in a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry.

This seems reasonable, given that the lunatic at the center of the “negotiations” said that the State Dept. fact sheet on the deal was wrong.

You know you’re dealing with some serious governmental transparency problems when you’re being called out by the guy in charge of a Sharia dictatorfest. The only people who seem to think this is going well for the United States are President Obama, John Kerry, and their various spokesmorons. Ayatollah Khamenei doesn’t really strike me as the type given to levity, but I bet he is having a continual hearty guffaw over the Keystone Cop foreign policy show being put on by Team Lightbringer.

Twenty-one months, boy and girls. Hope for change.