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Report: DEA Agents Were Participating in Cartel-Funded Sex Parties Since 2001

A few weeks ago,  a DOJ report was released alleging Drug Enforcement Agency officials were participating in sex parties funded by the Colombian drug cartels.  The report also alleged that DEA agents were soliciting prostitutes abroad between 2009 and 2012.

Today, at a House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, it was revealed that DEA agents had been participating in “sex parties” funded by drug cartels since 2001.

“This new internal report describes not one or two isolated incidents, but literally dozens of parties with prostitutes,” Democratic Representative Elijah Cummings said at the hearing, where lawmakers grilled DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart.

Fox News is reporting that “Money to pay prostitutes at a farewell party for a high-ranking DEA official was included in an “operational budget” that used government funds for the party, the report said. DEA agents also rented undercover apartments in Colombia and used them for parties with prostitutes, the DEA said in an internal report.”

Cummings said the new report “details a truly breathtaking recklessness by DEA agents” and went on to say that he cannot understand how such “egregious misconduct could have continued for so long” without being addressed.

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) asked “What would it take to get fired at the DEA?”

From Fox News: “Leonhart, who has been the DEA’s top official since 2007 and was deputy for three years before that, responded that civil service protections make it difficult to fire DEA agents. As administrator, she is powerless to step in during disciplinary proceedings and in some cases cannot even revoke an agent’s security clearance, Leonhart said.”

To which Gowdy asked, “What the hell do you get to do?”

Also revealed in the hearing was the fact that Attorney General Eric Holder sent a memo to employees reminding them not to use prostitutes.

“Hello? Am I missing something?” Cummings said. “I think we are at an all-time low here.”

Walker said he also was surprised at the memo — calling it “ludicrous” — but said the message from Holder did not specify how officials will be punished if they violate the directive.

From previous actions, it appears the Justice Department’s response to employees who solicit prostitutes is. “Hey, maybe take a few days off,” Walker said.

Your tax dollars at work, ladies and gentlemen.