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'Everyone Here is a Spy': ISIS Backers Warn Followers to Mind Islamic State Secrets

Warning of spies crawling around social media creating “fake muhajir” accounts in an effort to net supporters of the Islamic State, ISIS backers instructed followers in a message posted on a file-sharing site today to mind their personal information and Islamic State secrets.

“Although it would be nice to assume that most of us aren’t spies we cant be careless about it. USA is running thousands of undercover accounts on Twitter for intelligence gathering and combating us,” the message states.

It warns they have to distance themselves from users “obviously creating a fitna to break our bonds” as they’re “probably a man in a office building somewhere following a plan.”

“So instead of assuming that most of us aren’t spies, assume the opposite, that most of us ARE spies or undercover.”

ISIS supporters are then encouraged to keep all of their personal information under wraps on social media, including pictures of “cute babies or pets” and any “pictures that can…be linked to the real you.”

They’re encouraged to limit direct messaging on Twitter, lest personal information slip, and told to watch what they say about Islamic State operations. “Don’t share IS movements if you have knowledge. Don’t share unknown military capabilities (like saying that IS has AA missiles in a location).”

“Some people tweet screenshots where their carriers can be seen or are otherwise not careful about concealing what country they live in. Guess what? Yeah you guessed right, the kuffar are tracking your account and when you get suspended they will find your new account,” the message continues. “So what you might wonder. Well when they raid your house and they link all your accounts to YOU then you will face months if not years in jail. You will face consequence that will follow you throughout your life for something as stupid as this.”

“You think you are safe from ‘consequences’ because this is the virtual battleground? Akh Shami might face life in jail,
because he tweeted info and did otherwise benign stuff while some of you are tweeting day and night about beheadings.”

That’s a reference to Mehdi Masroor Biswas, a 24-year-old IT worker who ran the Shami Witness Twitter account and was eventually busted by Bangalore authorities. He faces years in prison on charges of “waging war against any Asiatic power in alliance with the Government of India.”

“To conclude everyone here is a spy and don’t trust anyone with any information, Muslim lives depend on it!” the ISIS tip sheet ends.