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Kansas Goes 'Constitutional Carry' -- No Permit Necessary

Good to see that some states are fighting the fascist tide and telling anti-gun nuts to shove it:

Kansas will become the fifth state to allow its residents to carry concealed firearms without a permit throughout the state. Republican Gov. Sam Brownback on Thursday signed a bill ending the permit requirement. The change takes effect July 1.

The National Rifle Association says Kansas joins Alaska, Arizona, Vermont and Wyoming in having such a policy. The NRA says Montana and Arkansas have concealed carry without a permit, but not everywhere.

Kansas still will issue permits for gun owners who want to carry concealed in other states that recognize Kansas permits. A person seeking a Kansas permit must undergo eight hours of firearms training. Brownback said gun owners have shown they are responsible.

You know, it really is true that when guns are outlawed (e.g., Chicago, New York City), only outlaws will have guns. Congratulations to Kansas for its adherence to the plain words of the Second Amendment.