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CNN Uses Warren Buffet to Pretend Democrats Don't Have Huge Donors

This is how media bias works.

Warren Buffett likes giving away his money and he likes being involved in the nation’s political debate. But he won’t become a Democratic version of the Koch Brothers, giving away millions of dollars to his favorite candidates.

Buffett has given $25,000 to Ready for Hillary, a Super PAC that’s backing Hillary Clinton’s expected run for the White House. He strongly supports her and expects she’ll win. But she’ll have to do so without a six-figure check from Buffett, even if he can easily afford to write one.

“I support her, but I would not write a huge check,” he told CNN. He plans to help raise money for her campaign, but says he doesn’t believe in the kind of huge donations that current campaign laws allow.

“I just don’t believe that the elections should be decided by the super-rich,” he said. Being a billionaire, he has said, shouldn’t mean he can “outshout everybody else.”

This piece is so full of manure it could fertilize Iowa for a decade.

It gives Buffett an opportunity to parrot a Dem talking point about “the super-rich” and “elections.” He even gets a free pass on donating twenty five grand to a Super Pac while railing against them. The man who is notoriously detail-oriented with his money says he didn’t know it was going to a Super Pac, and that’s that. No need to do any journalism and call out his lame excuse, which was that he didn’t know it was a Super Pac because he was only giving $25,000 and he thinks of them as being things you donate millions to.

The real bias here, however, is what the article is none-too-subtly implying: since Warren Buffett isn’t giving millions like the Koch brothers, the Democrats don’t have anyone doing it. This is essential to keep the “super-rich” and “elections” nonsense from choking on hypocrisy. The unceasing mentions of the Koch brothers are meant to create the idea that no one in politics spreads money around like they do, especially no Democrat donors. Even people who are barely aware of politics know who the Koch brothers are now because this has been such an effective strategy.

Meanwhile, a name only known to Democrat insiders and people who read conservative political blogs remains King of the Donation Hill, and it is all going to Democrats.