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The Couple Living in This Gorgeous Upscale Home Collected $114,000 in Public Assistance

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Mary Jo Carini-Gallagher and Todd Schaller, who live in the gorgeous home in this picture,  have been charged with fraudulently obtaining food stamps and Medicaid benefits in excess of $100,000.

From the Foundation for Government Accountability:

The couple was turned in by an anonymous tipster. Police state that they received $64,000 in food stamps, and $114,000 overall, in a nine year period. Both Carini-Gallagher and Schaller are employed in well paying jobs…The fraud included Carini-Gallagher reporting that she lived alone at the home, as seen in public aid applications she filed every six months. It turns out that the couple has lived together for nine years.

The couple had been documenting the progress they made in their remodeling projects on Facebook, but the page has been taken down. This is no ordinary fixer upper – their home has been described as “the nicest on the block.”

In fact the home was so nice it was featured in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s “At Home” section, which described Carini-Gallagher’s flair for design:

In a nod to the gentlemen of the home, who she said also inspired some of the look, she balanced feminine touches with masculine ones. The master bedroom has a light pink color, but a corner of the room is wallpapered in a unisex fleur-de-lis design. She’s recently completed a remodel of the master bathroom upstairs in much the same vein, suiting both genders by using river-rock tile in the shower and a crystal chandelier for light.

Their next digs may be a little less glamorous. The two, who have been released on signature bonds, now face a maximum of ten years in federal prison.