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Good Thing Britain Banned Guns, Otherwise There Could Be Muslim-Anglo Violence

Daniel Kirkwood, 18

Daniel Kirkwood, 18

Wait… what?

Four men have been charged with the murder of a man who was stabbed at a Coventry nightclub. They are accused of killing Daniel Kirkwood, 18, who had knife wounds to the neck and was found outside the Society Club early on Sunday. Along with Mr Kirkwood, who died in hospital, another 18-year-old man was stabbed in the back and a teenager, 17, was slashed on the arm with a knife. The four charged are due to appear before Coventry magistrates, later.

You’re going to be stunned when you learn the names of the “Britons” who killed the unforgivably white Kirkwood:

Saker Shireen Khan, 24, of Belchers Lane, Small Heath, Hasham Muqtaz Ali, 18, of Amberley Green, Great Barr, Ramez Murtaza, 20, of Bordesley Green East, Bordesley Green – all Birmingham – and Tobijah Thompson, 24, of no fixed address, are charged with murder and wounding.

The two other victims did not suffer life-threatening injuries.

According to British newspapers accounts, “Revellers took pics of a teen dying after being knifed in the throat — then posted them on Snapchat.”

Isn’t muliculturalism grand?