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Victim Takes Bloody Selfie after He Takes a Bullet

Isaac Martinez,20, took a bullet during a shooting spree in Mesa, Arizona…and then he took a selfie.  Martinez was caught in the middle of a shooting spree in Mesa, Arizona Wednesday morning.


Suspected gunman Ryan E. Giroux allegedly demanded Martinez’ car keys.

When Martinez said no, Giroux allegedly shot him. Martinez immediately posted a photo of himself, blood staining and dripping from the shoulder area of his white uniform, on the social app Snapchat.

Martinez additionally posted a photo of himself in the hospital, laying in a bed with his gunshot visible.


He also posted an update on his Facebook page for his friends to read:

“So im home and well! I have no complicated injuries and should heal fine,” Martinez’s Facebook posts says. “I had a bullet hit me from behind and go through my shoulder and out my coller area. Any higher or lower it coulda hit a artery, or shatter my shoulder blade. It was a miracle hit.”

He described the shooting scene as follows:

“He (the suspect) came in and demanded my keys for a getaway car. Of course i said no, and next was him pulling out a gun and cocking it. Soon as i saw it i started stepping back. And yelled for everyone to step back and get down. Next thing i knew i was hitting the ground, got up as fast as i fell, and ran out the back exit. At the same time the assailant had started taking off in my chef instructors car. When i saw he had gone. I noticed the cops and fire trucks down the street and went there.”


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