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Today's Best Fiction: 'How Hillary Can Win Big'

I know I laughed.

What Clinton can do in her conversation with America is broaden this bond by trusting the voters and taking them into her confidence, telling them the stories of her life, listening to their stories and explaining her dream of lifting their lives by serving as their president.

She can do this in town meetings and living rooms, with humor and charm, with sincerity and compassion. She can say what it was like to be partnered with a president while they created tens of millions of jobs, lifted millions out of poverty and steered the economy to heights of prosperity — the bedrock of a living American dream.

Clinton can bring to life her conversation with America by creating, and participating in, the largest social media site in history to organize an unprecedented mobilization of women and men, to deluge Congress and demand it enact equal pay for women, a higher minimum wage for workers, a program to create high-wage jobs to rebuild America and make government work the way it did during the Bill Clinton presidency.

The former secretary of State can bring alive again the public spirit of the Kennedy years by reaching out to find a new generation of citizens from all walks of life to staff her government with new people, bringing new ideas from business, academia, philanthropy and faith-based services.


This story is more riddled with holes than Bonnie and Clyde’s car at the end of their final ride.

The most obvious is that the author is describing a Hillary Clinton who simply doesn’t exist. The presumption that Mrs. Bill can ooze humor and charm is about as reality based as my chances for making the U.S. Olympic Track Team. As for sincerity and compassion, we’re just plain wandering into The Onion territory there.

She can promise to replicate the economy as it was during her-ahem-husband’s tenure, and if the GOP has a worthy candidate it will be pointed out that the likelihood of a second dot com boom is unlikely.

Hillary Clinton was elected to the Senate while there were still a lot of warm, fuzzy feelings for Bill Clinton floating around in the Democratic electorate. That was fifteen years ago. Bubba is still well liked but there are a lot of new voters who have never fallen under his snake-oil-salesman charm. Hillary won’t get a lot of help from that.

She possesses none of Bill’s people skills, and the more she gets out in public, the more that will become apparent to younger voters. As soon as she became snippy in her press conference last week, her handlers pulled her away from the mic. That won’t work once she’s an official candidate doing more events and town halls.

So good luck with this one winning hearts and minds, unless she’s just going to be an anti-feminist and let her man do all the work for her.


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