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This Is Why Weak-Willed Scott Walker Is Not the Right Man for the Job

As I explained last week, Republicans need to nominate a warrior if they want to defeat Hillary Clinton next year. The biggest possible mistake they can make is to nominate someone who tries to appease his critics; in short, someone without a spine.

Although Governor Scott Walker made a name for himself standing up to the unions in Wisconsin, it’s now clear that he is too weak-willed to represent the GOP during 2016’s presidential election:

Veteran Republican strategist Liz Mair told The Associated Press that she was leaving Walker’s team just a day after she had been tapped to lead his online communication efforts, citing the distraction created by a series of recent Twitter posts about Iowa’s presidential caucuses.

“The tone of some of my tweets concerning Iowa was at odds with that which Gov. Walker has always encouraged in political discourse,” Mair said in a statement announcing her immediate resignation. “I wish Gov. Walker and his team all the best.”

My colleague Stephen Kruiser put it perfectly yesterday: “Hush [Iowa] and enjoy your awful mandates.” That’s exactly what Walker should’ve said. Mair is an experienced and talented strategist, and he should’ve stood by her no matter what.

Instead, he apparently finds it more important to be liked by everybody (good luck with that, Scott! Guess what: you’re going to be hated by some anyway, and no, not just by Democrats) than to stick to principle, hoping it’ll deliver him a handful of extra votes.

No, no, no. This is not what Republicans need. They need someone with a spine, not a candidate who throws his own people under the bus when it’s convenient.

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