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Rupert Murdoch: Republican Border Hawks Talk Nonsense! Is He Right?

Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch has had enough of Republicans who claim that the U.S. has a problem at its Southern border. See this tweet of his:

Sadly for Murdoch, columnist Michelle Malkin saw his tweet and decided to react to it with a little something called “facts.”

Indeed, nothing to see here, Rupert! Nothing’s going on. Nope. Just a few, I don’t know, drug lords dominating the Southern border and attacking a mayor. What else is new? Yawn!

What’s that? The Texas Department of Public Safety says there should be thousands of cameras added to the border because masses of people secretly cross it? Ha-ha! That’s nothing!

Some innocent Americans are kidnapped and beaten up, but hey, to Murdoch that isn’t something worthy of being talked about. Of course not! Illegal immigrants provide Big Business with cheap labor, so who cares?

And no, Malkin wasn’t finished yet. See her Twitter stream for more messages to Murdoch. Her conclusion:

It’s clear where I stand, but what do you think about Murdoch’s tweet? Do you believe he’s right? Are border hawks exaggerating the problem? Or is Michelle Malkin right, and should something be done to actually close the border for once?

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