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You Won't Believe What Canadian Leftists Are Saying About the New Anti-Terrorism Bill

The government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper has introduced an anti-terrorism bill in parliament that has given the left the vapors.

Indeed, they’re so upset they can’t think straight. Or maybe they haven’t read the bill. Or perhaps they’re so toweringly ignorant they don’t have a clue what terrorism is, or who is at fault.


It’s got to be something. The video below shows some of the most outrageous acts of stupidity you will ever see on film.

The Rebel:

Did you know Bill C-51 will make it illegal to grow garlic in your own backyard? That Canadian cops are the new dope-smoking Gestapo?

When I interviewed protesters at the March 14 #StopC51 demonstration in downtown Toronto, that was just one of the more… interesting answers I received to some pretty simple questions about the Harper government’s proposed anti-terror legislation.

You may not know whether to laugh or cry while watching this footage of Canada’s Left, in their own unedited words.

So much of this video is priceless, beginning with the aging hippies trying to sing the old Buffalo Springfield hit “For What It’s Worth” (“Stop, hey what’s that sound, everybody look what’s going down”).


Members of the Young Communist League were particularly giggle-worthy (“poverty is terrorism”) and the old German guy who said that prime minister reminded him of Hitler and the Gestapo because he was there. (He no doubt spent his youth giving the Nazi salute and screaming “Heil Hitler!”.) And, as an extra added attraction, the clueless stoner.

No one appeared to have read the bill. No one knew what was really in it. No one had a clue what they were protesting.

A typical day for typically ignorant leftists.

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