Is It Time for Conservatives to Say Farewell to the NRA?

Popular radio show host Glenn Beck warned the NRA yesterday that he’ll cancel his membership if Grover Norquist is reelected to its board. The reason? The anti-tax activist has ties to Islamonazis, the Muslim Brotherhood in particular.


Norquist’s ties with radical Muslims have been well documented. He has been working with and for them for years. The NRA, meanwhile, is a profoundly conservative organization that plays a vital role in shaping America’s future. It’s completely irresponsible for an extremist-sympathizer to be part of that great organization… or any conservative group for that matter.

Glenn Beck is right. Either Norquist has to go or, and it pains my heart to say it, the NRA has to be punished for doing business with him.

What do you think? Is Beck exaggerating or is Norquist indeed in bed with Islamonazis who are hell-bent on destroying America from within? And will you cancel your membership to the NRA if he stays on?


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