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Hussein to Senate: Butt Out of Iran Deal

Our Islamophilic, anti-Semitic president (did you ever think you would ever see such a phrase?) has told the Senate to mind its own beeswax during the “negotiations” with the Islamic Republic of Iran:

The White House delivered a fresh warning to the Senate late Saturday to stay out of negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program, asserting that pending legislation would likely have a “profoundly negative impact” on the ongoing talks. President Barack Obama’s chief of staff, Denis McDonough, told Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker in a letter that legislation sponsored by the Tennessee Republican would go far beyond ensuring a role for Congress in any deal with Iran.

“Instead, the legislation would potentially prevent any deal from succeeding by suggesting that Congress must vote to ‘approve’ any deal,” McDonough said. He criticized a provision that would eliminate Obama’s authority to lift some sanctions on Iran as part of any agreement. The talks are to resume Sunday in Switzerland, with the U.S. and other world powers facing an end-of-March deadline to reach a framework deal.

“The administration’s request to Congress is simple: Let us complete the negotiations before the Congress acts on legislation,” McDonough said, adding that he does expect a robust congressional debate if a final deal is struck by the end of June. McDonough reiterated Obama’s repeated threats to veto the legislation should Congress pass it.

Good. Keep sending Barry bills and force him to veto them. It will give him something to do between vacations and rounds of golf at taxpayer expense. The only way to slow the most inimical presidency in history is to keep him occupied, on defense. But of course neither Weepy John Boehner nor Mitch McConnell have the slightest idea how to do that. 

Meanwhile, the White House warns that the United Nations is also getting into the act:

In a Saturday night letter from President Obama’s chief of staff Denis McDonough to Senate Foreign Relations Committee chair Bob Corker, the White House confirmed that in fact the United Nations will play a key role in any nuclear deal that may be reached with Iran. “The United Nations Security Council will also have a role to play in any deal with Iran,” McDonough writes, after urging Congress not to pass a bill related to the nuclear negotiations.

“Just as it is true that only Congress can terminate U.S. statutory sanctions Iran, only the Security Council can terminate the Security Council’s sanctions on Iran. Because the principal negotiators of an arrangement with Iran are the five permanent members of th Security Council, we anticipate that the Security Council would pass a resolution to register its support for any deal and increase its international legitimacy. A resolution would also increase the international pressure on Iran to live up to the deal and would expand the risks if they failed to do so,” McDonough continued.

The White House insists Congress will play a role, but that the coequal branch of government should only act how and when it’s told to act.

Sit down. Shut up. When you’re slapped, you’ll take it and like it.