Parents Everywhere Are Really Going to Hate What President Obama Told Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel asked President Obama on Thursday night if he planned to get rid of daylight-saving Time. “Will you get rid of the part where we have to wake up earlier?” Kimmel asked the president. “You can leave the other one,” he said.


“See, this is a California thing, because you guys are always getting sun,” Obama said. “In [sic] the east coast, you don’t mind losing that hour because that’s a signal that spring is here,” the president opined cheerfully.

And millions of parents across the country, whose children are still trying to adjust to losing an hour of sleep from the “spring ahead” time change, did this:


A dozen states are currently considering legislation that would allow them to opt out of the twice yearly time change, by remaining permanently on either daylight-saving time or on standard time.

Proponents of the time change say that it saves energy, while opponents point to studies that find it could actually result in increased energy use. They also say it causes health problems, results in increased traffic accidents, and reduces productivity.

Not to mention all the grumpy children — and adults — who spend weeks trying to recover from the altered sleep schedule.

Thanks for nothing, Mr. President.



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