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How the Media Shapes Political Dialogue, Deliberately Misleading You


"Conservatives" gather to honor Lenin, Stalin

“Conservatives” gather to honor Lenin, Stalin

Here’s a quote from the Wall Street Journal‘s news pages (not at all conservative, unlike the editorial page), with a classic misuse of the words “conservative” and “progressive”:

Iran Picks Conservative Cleric to Head Powerful Supervisory Body

The body that chooses and supervises Iran’s Supreme Leader has elected a conservative cleric as its new chairman, dealing a blow to progressives at a crucial time in the nuclear talks with the U.S. and other world powers.

And… let’s stop right there. Not one but two political terms/buzzwords in that lede — casting, as usual, “conservatives” as the bad guys and “progressives” as the good guys. It’s the same trick the MSM used with the Soviet Union — a Marxist/Leninist state, remember — in which the “conservative” hard-line Leftist Marxists-Leninists were pitting against the “liberal” Marxist-Leninist “reformers.” So, through the miracle of linguistic trickeration, Communists becomes “conservatives,” as do the radical mullahs who overthrew the Shah of Iran.

The instant the Left, or any other force antithetical to classical liberal Western civilization becomes institutionalized… presto, change-o! It becomes “conservative.” The Left, in order to keep what’s left of its sanity and self-esteem, must always see itself as the hero of its own movie, rescuing the damsel in distress and righting the wrongs of the “conservatives.”

It’s a deliberate lie, of course, and we ought to call them on it every time.


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