FEMA Willing to Reopen Every Hurricane Sandy Insurance Claim


The Federal Emergency Management Agency says it is prepared to reopen all 144,000 insurance claims that resulted from Superstorm Sandy in 2012.

The move comes after months of questions over whether insurance companies contracted by the National Flood Insurance Program fraudulently altered engineering reports.

After thousands of homeowners said their insurance claims were systematically lowballed, FEMA began negotiations in an attempt to regain the trust of policy holders.


This is certainly a frightening little rabbit hole of disappearing taxpayer money. It is also a perfect illustration of why the feds should not be in charge of anything. Ever. Anywhere.

The trust-building largesse exhibited by agencies not spending their own money is always a nauseating spectacle when one is not a direct beneficiary. There don’t seem to be any numbers on how much the review process will cost before they start hemorrhaging more cash to make things right.

Reagan’s “scariest words” line has never been more on point than in the last six years.


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