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Are There Any Honest Politicians in Illinois?

Adam Schock

Probably not: in the end, the Combine gets almost all of them. Now it’s GOP wonder boy Adam Schock‘s turn to get caught dipping his beak:

Illinois Rep. Aaron Schock reported on federal campaign finance documents that he spent more than $3,000 on software on Nov. 14. But in fact, the expenditure was part of the cost of flying in a software executive’s private plane to a Chicago Bears game and his district, the pilot and company executive said.

Keith Siilats, the chief technology officer of Bytelogics, said in an interview that the $3,425 that the Schock Victory Fund reported spending with his company was really part of the cost for a ride on his airplane. “This is for a flight,” Siilats said in a brief interview Monday. Asked if he has ever sold Schock software, Siilats said, “No, I never sold him software.”

Good grief. Not only is Schock a preening, arrogant popinjay, but he’s apparently a crook too. And an unabashed crook at that, whose head prominent conservatives are now calling for. Because unlike the progressive Democrats, conservatives like to clean house before the mess gets too stinky.

It’s not clear why Schock reported part of the cost of a flight as a purchase of software. Bytelogics describes says it designs, develops, integrates and implements “high quality, flexible information technology applications and eBusiness strategies for large enterprises.” Schock’s spokesman did not respond to a request for comment.

Under federal law, “knowing and willful” violations of election statutes — including reporting violations — can result in criminal charges. That could include failing to report an expense or disbursement properly, or repeated violations of regulations covering such actions…

Schock’s spending of taxpayer and campaign dollars have come under extreme scrutiny over the past few weeks. He has spent thousands of campaign dollars on pricey hotels and chartered private airplanes using taxpayer money. He reported that he spent campaign money on a fundraising meeting in New Delhi, India, but now says he must change the report.

Schock also held a golf fundraiser at a private course in Maryland, and did not report paying for it. He has taken several trips abroad without following disclosure rules and had to pay back $40,000 for redecorating his office to resemble the set of the PBS show “Downton Abbey.”

Good grief. As I often say, there’s only one party, the Permanent Bipartisan Fusion Party; Illinois just got there first.



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