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Robert Reich Smells Blood In the Water

Hillary’s blood, that is:

Former secretary of labor Robert Reich says Hillary Clinton should face “a tough primary challenger” and he knows who he would like to see mount a run against the presumed Democratic front-runner. “I wish that challenger would be Elizabeth Warren,” Reich explained Friday, in a short statement that has energized supporters of a burgeoning movement to draft the senator from Massachusetts as a populist alternative to Clinton.

Battered in recent days by revelations about her use of a private e-mail account when she served as the Obama administration’s secretary of state, and by reports of foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation, Hillary Clinton has been scrambling to retain the presumption of inevitability that has framed her potential candidacy.

Reich is not suggesting that the controversies will necessarily derail Clinton, who is well ahead in the polls. Rather, as an ardent advocate for a progressive populist response to the crisis of income inequality, he is arguing affirmatively in a Facebook post for the logic of a Warren run.

“Well ahead in the polls.” Well, so what? Polls mean nothing at this point — if they did, we could have called the nominations for Hillary and Jeb Bush and been done with it. What they reflect is name recognition and whose pusses have been more in our faces for the past 23 years than Bill ‘n Hill’s?

But Democrats don’t like the “it’s my turn” candidate, especially after that candidate has blown it as badly as Hillary blew her previous ‘inevitability” against a nobody with a Muslim name from Honolulu and Chicago, and lost to him. Democrats far prefer to nominate the person they picked up in the bar last night, whose name they can’t quite remember; it’s more exciting that way.

The truth is, Hillary is a terrible candidate, a terrible politician, a terrible campaigner and a thoroughly dishonest woman of no accomplishment. Lady Macbeth’s only lust is for power and money; how awful it must be for her to watch it all slipping away.

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