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Surprise! Govt Drones Happier Than You Are

fed employees

Your tax dollars at work: 

U.S. federal government workers are thriving in their financial well-being more than the rest of the workforce. On average, 44% of federal government employees are thriving financially, compared with 34% of all other workers in the U.S.

These findings are based on more than 80,000 interviews conducted with U.S. adults, aged 18 and older, who were employed full time from Feb. 16, 2014-Feb. 15, 2015 as part of the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index. For each of the five elements of well-being, Gallup classifies respondents as “thriving” (well-being that is strong and consistent), “struggling” (well-being that is moderate or inconsistent), or “suffering” (well-being that is low and inconsistent)…

While some have claimed that federal employees earn more than those working outside the federal government, the differences in financial well-being remain consistent when examining household income levels. A quarter of federal employees whose monthly household income is less than $2,000 are thriving in financial well-being, compared with 15% of workers outside the federal government, a difference of 10 percentage points. While thriving differences between federal and non-federal employees vary somewhat across income levels — such as those households who earn $5,000 to $7,499 a month — federal employees consistently have higher financial well-being.

The federal government used to be the employer of last resort; today, the sparkling, recession-proof capital of Washington, D.C., reigns over the impoverished hinterlands like something out of The Hunger Games.

Pull harder, peons!

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