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Daily Kos, MSM Upset GOP Sent Black Senator Rather Than White Leadership To Selma

From the “Let’s Start A Race War Where There Is None!” department:

This should have been an easy one. That it wasn’t speaks volumes.

Much ado is being made about this by more mainstream outlets than the Kos Commie Show. The GOP is being portrayed as “still” (per the Dem narrative, certainly not reality) being insensitive. Just how insensitive? So much so that they sent an African-American United States Senator from the South to represent them.


Rest assured that this was always a no-win situation for the Republicans as far as the media goes. Had McConnell and/or Boehner headed the delegation, we’d be hearing about how lily white GOP leadership is. That they’re spinning this as yet another racist Republican tale when Sen. Scott is co-leading a delegation with Sen. Sherrod Brown just shows how committed they are to ignoring reality.

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