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For the 'Right' Kind of Women: A Holster Fashion Show

You work hard:

If you’re looking for a way to introduce more women to the concept of shooting a firearm and carrying concealed, you might consider hosting a holster fashion show, which, as we found last weekend at the Firearm and Fashion Expo in Branson, Mo., appeared to be a great way to educate and entertain. The weekend’s events felt the brunt of yet another winter snow and ice storm that swiftly moved into the southwestern portion of the Ozarks on Friday afternoon and basically shut down travel.

For the few souls left at the Expo (including Yours Truly), the show must and did go on. Our models appeared and we worked with a small, although enthusiastic, crowd who came out to support this fund-raising effort for the Southwest Missouri Chapter of The Well Armed Woman (TWAW). Pictured below are a few of the holsters we showed onstage, and yes, that’s our Marti Davis in the mix. After the show, the audience could ask questions and examine the holsters that had been brought out from behind stage. We even auctioned a few of them off to raise money for TWAW’s non-profit status fund.

I’d have walked through the snow to see this. Uphill. Both ways.

Honestly, the mere mention of models and firearms compelled me to post this. Second Amendment women deserve a little something extra, they put in a lot of range hours and are more fun to be around. As is often pointed out, leaving something up to the imagination, like the caliber of a concealed weapon, heightens the experience.

Again, purely in the interests of expanding my blogging horizons and reaching out to female readers, I’ll leave you with another item from the fashion show.



Update: Photo via Femme Fatale Holsters, which donated items to the Branson Firearm and Fashion Expo, and promises “Elegant Concealed Carry Holsters for Women, Created by a Woman.”

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