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Drone Smashes Into Miami Area Home

Homeowner Andres Buksh heard a loud crash and glass shattering Thursday evening, but the ruckus wasn’t what he thought it was.

“I thought it was the neighbors throwing the big garbage out for Friday pick-up,” Buksh told CBS Miami.

But Friday morning he found a drone had crashed into his home and broken his bedroom window.  “I guess somebody lost control of it,” said Buksh.

No one had claimed the drone so Buksh called the police. “They said this was the first call they had like this, so I told them, ‘This is not going to be the last one, anyway,”‘ he said.

With an increase in drones hovering around the sky, these kinds of crashes will be more prevalent. Buksh said there could be serious injury if a drone were to crash into a person rather than a house. “The windows you can replace, but if somebody is walking in the street and it falls on their head or something, it could cause some serious injury,” said Buksh.

The owner of the drone has still not claimed its remains. Buksh said he opened up the drone and found a video card, but the owner could not be identified.

The FAA has new regulations that require anyone flying a hobby drone can fly it no higher than 400ft in the air and it must remain in the line of sight. Not everyone obeys those regulations, apparently.

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