Trump: Diplomats 'Know Nothing About Negotiating'

Among the field of potential presidential hopefuls speaking to the Conservative Political Action Conference today, Donald Trump touched on foreign policy while pitching his business cred to do a better job negotiating than diplomats do.


Someone in the audience yelled “you’re fired!” at The Apprentice host at the beginning of the speech, which Trump brushed off.

“A lot people think I’m doing this for fun. I’m not doing this for fun… Washington is totally broken and it’s not going to get fixed until we put the right person in that top position,” Trump said.

With an eye toward lawmakers in Congress, he declared “the Republicans have to toughen up.”

“If I decide to run and win, nobody would be tougher” on ISIS, Trump vowed. “…I’d just hit them really hard.”

One of the foreign policy problems, he said, is “we have diplomats doing our negotiating” and diplomats “know nothing about negotiating.”

Asked where he was on deciding to run for president on a scale of 1 to 100, Trump replied, “75 to 80 — I am really inclined. I want to do it so badly.”


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