Key Player From McCain 2008 Shipwreck Calls Scott Walker a 'Dumb Ass'

Chuckles all around

Mark Salter, who was a top adviser on the 2008 presidential campaign of Sen. John McCain (R), is not a fan of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R).

On Thursday, Salter went on Facebook and posted an article criticizing a comment Walker made about the Islamic State jihadist group (also known as ISIS or ISIL) at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Salter added a colorful comment.

“I want to like him but Scott Walker is kind of a dumb ass,” Salter wrote.


I was asked during a radio interview this morning how long it would be before more mainstream, establishment Republicans started going after Walker now that he’s in “locomotive at full steam” mode. I replied that they’re probably already sending opposition research to the New York Times.

When the various players in the McCain ’08 unmitigated disaster (their fault, not Sarah Palin’s, by the way) weigh in on Republican matters these days, it is stunning that they aren’t laughed out of the country. It’s also the reason that the GOP has such a hard time seizing momentum.

In the coming months pay attention to how eerily in sync the MSM and establishment GOP complaints about Walker are and you will understand why the Republican Party may very well find a way to lose to a grandmother who almost no one genuinely likes.


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