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CNN Concern Trolls Scott Walker's 'Momentum'

They’re worried, don’t you know.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is the fastest-rising star in conservative politics.

He’s rocketing to the top-tier of potential 2016 GOP contenders following a strong appearance in Iowa last month and surging to the front of the pack in a handful of polls.

But coming off a 2012 cycle that saw Republican candidates rise and fall with the regularity of a finely-made Swiss watch, Walker’s challenge now is figuring out a way to sustain the momentum.

The writer is being coy here: Walker isn’t just the fastest rising star, he has become the 800 lb. gorilla of the GOP almost overnight. CNN’s sudden concern about his ability to sustain momentum is basically its way of saying that Walker hasn’t really made any missteps yet, even though the more unhinged among the MSM have just spent a week trying unsuccessfully to prove otherwise.

The article’s allusion to the 2012 elections ignores the fact that Walker has won three elections in four years. He’s campaign-ready and unlikely to provide the left with the Todd Akin moment it is so desperately hoping for at this time. The way he handled the manufactured drama over his refusal to play “Gotcha!” with the press about President Obama proves that.

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