For Sale: One Irish Island, Hard to Reach

Here you go:

This is lush, green private island is on the market for less than the average UK home price. Inishdooey Island, off the northwest of Northern Ireland, is part of a string of four islands and boasts 94 acres of uninhabited land.

It lies three miles off the mainland of County Donegal and includes a stunning freshwater pond, tunnel caves and, of course, pebble beaches. There are no buildings on the island, which is only accessible by boat or helicopter when weather conditions are suitable.

The island is currently on sale with a guide price of £140,000 – around £50,000 lower than the average home price in the UK. Pedro Arez of Vladi Private Islands, who have listed the island, said, ‘This is a very exciting private island. ‘It’s in a very remote area and can only be accessed by boat or helicopter when the weather conditions are right.

‘It contains the ruins of old buildings and a freshwater pond which is perfect for people wanting to keep livestock on the island. Nature lovers will feel right at home on Inishdooey Island. People who travel to the island will have a real adventure.’


Sound romantic? Might want to think again. Irish islands in the Atlantic were generally occupied by hermits and other crazy people. The wind is brutal, the rain nearly incessant and as far as getting back and forth the mainland, forget about it — why do you think hermits lived there in the first place? On the other hand, it is Ireland.

Still, you might want to watch The Wicker Man before you make a down payment, just so you know what you might be getting into with this remote island thing…



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