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What's with Kim Jong-Un's Hair?


Who would have thunk it? North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un a fashion maven?

Say it ain’t so, Kimmy.

“Quirky” is an understatement. It looks like a cross between a 1950s “rocket” haircut and a bad afro from the 1980s.

And check out those “emoticon” eyebrows. Does Kim plan to star in an anime porn film?

Kim Jong Un’s latest hack job created another international incident.

North Korea watchers combing through the supreme leader’s appearance at a politburo meeting Wednesday were struck by Kim’s new look.

Kim was photographed with shrunken eyebrows the size of emoticons and cartoonishly high hair.

“Kim Jong Un unveils sculpted eyebrow work and defined hair at Politburo meeting today,” NK’s Frank Feinstein tweeted.

Adding to the accentuated features, the supreme leader’s face appears pudgier than a year ago when a report claimed that North Korean men were told to change their hairstyle to match Kim’s.

Here’s a before and after pic. He also appears to have put on some weight.


It’s a frightening concept to think that every man in North Korea — who wants to stay out of jail — has to wear their hair like the Dear Leader’s. What’s a barber to do? No doubt the barbers will be doing land office business over the next few weeks as men scramble to adopt the new hairstyle.

Hopefully, altering their eyebrows is optional.

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