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Fatal Flaw: CNN's Chris Cuomo Says 'Rights Come From Man'

While debating Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore over his stance on gay marriage, CNN’s Chris Cuomo revealed his ardent support for the idea at the root of all violations of human rights. States Cuomo (video below):

Our rights do not come from God, your honor, and you know that. They come from man … That’s your faith, that’s my faith, but that’s not our country. Our laws come from collective agreement and compromise.

Note that Cuomo conflates “rights” and “laws,” a symptom of his logical failure. This is the heart of progressivism, and the heart of every nation or ideology that needs a philosophical approval of a desire to violate the individual’s rights. Declaring that rights are inalienable, coming from G-d, defines American exceptionalism. Cuomo not only does not understand this, he vigorously denies it.

We could direct Cuomo to reread the volumes of work he studied in middle school which define his fallacy, but that doesn’t change the mind of someone as dedicated to this horrifically damaging idea as is Cuomo.

So let’s dumb it down — here’s a scenario to tweet at Cuomo, which simplifies life, liberty, and property in a manner he could never effectively challenge should he choose to respond:

Put two men on, say, Mars, either a billion years in the future or the past. No countries, no other people. No conversation has occurred between the two, barring the existence of any “collective agreement and compromise.”

1. One kills the other. Has he violated the man’s rights? If yes, then the right to life must come from G-d.

2. One digs an inescapable hole and sticks the other in it. Has he violated the man’s rights? If yes, then the right to liberty must come from G-d.

3. One steals the other’s freeze-dried astronaut food, leaving him to starve. Has he violated the man’s rights? If yes, then the right to property must come from G-d.

If you understand this, then any nation which does not establish its laws to uphold these rights is an unjust nation. Yet only one nation has done so, which is an unimaginable miracle, and Cuomo, blessed enough to live in it, nonetheless rejects it.

Also, only two religions pray to a G-d who would establish and uphold these laws. Cuomo refuses to consider that difficult premise as well, which is the singular reason why we are hamstrung in fighting the violent rise of Islam and a resurgent socialism.

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