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Will the Democrats Boycott Netanyahu's Speech to Congress?

One of these men is a leader

One of these men is a leader

That’s an issue raised by my friend and former boss at the late New York Sun, Seth Lipsky:

How long can it last that the Republicans are the party that’s more supportive of Israel but the Democrats are the ones that get the Jewish vote? Could it be that President Obama is upending the old alliance? It’s for a reason that I pose those as questions. The landscape is littered with newsmen who’ve erroneously predicted that we’re at the end of the era when the Jewish vote goes automatically to the Democrats.

Yet it’s hard to deny that there’s “a real crisis going on,” as Sen. John McCain put it on CNN over the weekend. What will happen if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shows up to address a joint meeting of Congress and the Democrats boycott? “I don’t know” is the answer Nancy Pelosi gave over the weekend to the question of whether most House Democrats would attend Netanyahu’s speech. The ex-speaker went on to sneer that if Netanyahu wants to get his message through, he could go on TV.

It never occurred to me that the Democrats might simply not show up for Bib’s big speech. But then, nothing is too low for these skunks. A party that will boo God is capable of anything.