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Enjoy This Amish Buggy Doing Donuts in a Snowy Parking Lot in Ohio

Who knew you could do this with a horse and buggy?

Shayla Buhl, who was working at the Polk Market and Deli in Ashland County, Ohio, filmed this scene of an Amish buggy doing donuts in the parking lot.

“This made my night.. lol. Amish buggy doing donuts,” Buhl wrote on her Facebook page.

“I just looked out the window and grabbed my phone. They had it up on two wheels at one point,” she said.

Ohio is home to the largest Amish settlement in the world. Approximately 40,000 Amish live in the region that includes Holmes, Wayne, and Ashland Counties. The Swartzentruber Amish, considered to be among the most conservative of the Amish sects, call Ashland County home. They shun nearly all modern technology and drive simple black buggies with two kerosene lanterns and no windshields.

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