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What's the rush?

What’s the rush?

Hillary Clinton “may delay” her campaign, reports Politico:

Hillary Clinton, expecting no major challenge for the Democratic nomination, is strongly considering delaying the formal launch of her presidential campaign until July, three months later than originally planned, top Democrats tell POLITICO.

The delay from the original April target would give her more time to develop her message, policy and organization, without the chaos and spotlight of a public campaign.

A Democrat familiar with Clinton’s thinking said: “She doesn’t feel under any pressure, and they see no primary challenge on the horizon. If you have the luxury of time, you take it.” Advisers said the biggest reason for the delay is simple: She feels no rush. “She doesn’t want to feel pressured by the press to do something before she’s ready,” one adviser said. “She’s better off as a noncandidate. Why not wait?”

She didn’t feel much of a rush the last time, either, and similarly saw no primary challenge on the horizon until a nobody sent by David Axelrod’s Chicago machine blindsided her and ate her electoral lunch. This time around, yon lean and hungry Fauxcahontas is eyeing Hillary’s rubber chicken, if not her martini, and intends to take it from her.

The danger — and a reason the plan could be scrapped — is that the comparatively leisurely rollout could fuel complaints that Clinton sees the nomination fight as a coronation. Already, her allies are contemplating the possibility that she might not have to debate before the general election.

As Glenn Reynolds likes to say: don’t get cocky, kid. But it doesn’t really matter: the aging Mrs. Clinton has been on the national stage for 25 years, since 1992 (and, arguably, given her Watergate Committee work, even longer), and the more America sees of her, the less it likes her. By the time 2016 rolls around, even the dumbest Democrat will be heartily sick of her.