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Some Doctors Refusing to See Anti-Vaccine Patients


With California gripped by a measles outbreak, Dr. Charles Goodman posted a clear notice in his waiting room and on Facebook: His practice will no longer see children whose parents won’t get them vaccinated.

“Parents who choose not to give measles shots, they’re not just putting their kids at risk, but they’re also putting other kids at risk — especially kids in my waiting room,” the Los Angeles pediatrician said.

It’s a sentiment echoed by a small number of doctors who in recent years have “fired” patients who continue to believe debunked research linking vaccines to autism. They hope the strategy will lead parents to change their minds; if that fails, they hope it will at least reduce the risk to other children in the office.

There aren’t many doctors doing this, but it’s a good start. These loons who are making medical decisions for their children based on the opinions of some empty-headed celebrity hippies need to be marginalized and shamed, if shaming them is even possible. If someone wants to make decisions for their kids that will put other kids at risk, then keep them away from other kids.

The anti-vaxxers are reminiscent of the climate change cultists — they ferociously cling to speculation, debunked theories and junk science for reasons known only to the alien voices in their heads.