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The young woman at the center of the Jeffrey Epstein sex scandal continues to insist she was forced into sexual slavery by the disgraced financier — but she did not have sexual relations with that man, Mr. Clinton:


Alleged underage ‘sex slave’ Virginia Roberts has denied ever having sex with Bill Clinton in explosive new court filings which lay bare a host of debauched details about her alleged relationship with Prince Andrew and his friend Jeffrey Epstein. In papers filed on Wednesday in Florida federal court, Roberts – referred to as Jane Doe No. 3 – gives sordid details about an alleged 11-person orgy with Prince Andrew in 2001 but denies ever having relations with the former president.

Roberts, now 31, claims she worked for Epstein between 1999 and 2002 after she was recruited by his former girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell when she was just 15 years old.

During the period that Roberts worked for Epstein he was good friends with Clinton, but she denies sleeping with him despite rumors to the contrary. ‘I have seen reports saying or implying that I had sex with former President Bill Clinton on Little St James Island,’ she writes in the filing. The island, part of the the U.S. Virgin Islands, is owned by Epstein.

‘Clinton was present on the island at a time when I was also present on the island, but I have never had sexual relations with Clinton, nor have I ever claimed to have had such relations. I have never seen him have sexual relations with anyone,’ Roberts wrote.

Roberts, however, is sticking by her story that she very much did have sex with the scion of the “British” royal house of Saxe-Coburg und Gotha, the hapless Prince Andrew. She’s also thrown in a dollop of lesbianism into her allegations as well:


According to Roberts, Epstein and Maxwell ‘trained me to do what they wanted, including sexual activities and the use of sexual toys. The training was in New York and Florida, at Epstein’s mansions. ‘It was basically every day and was like going to school. I also had to have sex with Epstein many times. I was trained to be “everything a man wanted”,’ she said.

Maxwell, the daughter of late newspaper magnate Robert Maxwell, was ‘heavily involved’ in recruiting young girls for Epstein – and herself, Roberts claimed. ‘Maxwell was all about sex all the time. She had sex with underage girls virtually every day when I was around her, and she was very forceful,’ Roberts said.

‘I first had sexual activities with her when I was approximately 15 at the Palm Beach mansion. I had many sexual activities with her over the next several years in Epstein’s various residences plus other exotic locations,’ she said.

‘I also observed Maxwell have sex with dozens of underage girls,’ Roberts said. ‘Many times she made me sleep with other girls, some of whom were very young, for purposes of taking sexual pictures.’  Prince Andrew – who fiercely denies ‘any form of sexual contact or relationship’ with Miss Roberts – is under growing pressure to testify on oath about his alleged contact with her.


Meanwhile, the Prince has been served, but Das Haus Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha is stonewalling a request by Roberts’ lawyers to testify:

Her lawyers had served an extraordinary letter on the Duke last week requesting he answer questions – but he ‘refused’ to accept it. Last week, Miss Roberts’ lawyers sent by FedEx couriers an unprecedented letter addressed to ‘His Royal Highness The Duke of York’ at Buckingham Palace requesting his ‘voluntary cooperation in answering question about his sexual interactions’ with her.

The letter offered to interview the prince under oath ‘at a time and place of your choosing’. But her lawyers stated: ‘Federal Express has informed us that the letter has been refused by the recipient.’

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