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Biden: GOP Will Work with White House Because They're Taking Credit for Dem Moves

Vice President Joe Biden said he thinks the proposals outlined by President Obama in last night’s State of the Union address will have traction because Republicans are “taking credit for the recovery, so they must think something we did went pretty well.”

“Secondly, they’re talking about the middle class. That’s not been part of their political vocabulary up until now. And so, there’s going to be some stark choices. You know, they’re going to have to decide whether or not they’re going to actually step up, help the middle class, with tax cuts, with education and — on those issues,” Biden told ABC this morning.

“And I believe there’s a significant core of Republicans who believe that now is the time to make this recovery good for everyone and stronger for the middle class.”

Biden says he hopes that a year from now “all the proposals relatives to the middle class tax cuts, as well as education” will be law.

“There are things that the Republicans can agree on,” he said. “And I think now that they actually have to lead, I mean, they own the Congress. They are the ones who are in the majority. And I think the public is going to insist that we work together.”

The vice president said “trust fund babies” targeted in the newly proposed tax hikes “are good people, that’s not a pejorative term,” but “the last thing they need is another $210 billion tax cut when you can put that money into making sure people get a tax cuts to help with child care, help with sick leave.”

Biden said “there’s a chance” he’ll challenge Hillary Clinton for the right to give his own State of the Union address.

“But I’ve made my mind up about that. We got a lot of work to do between now and then. There’s plenty of time. Look, the person is going to — and Secretary Clinton is a really competent, capable person and a friend — the person who is going to be the next president of the United States is the one who’s going to be able to articulate the clearest vision to the American people in where they’re going to take the country,” he said.

“I don’t think you have to make up your mind until the summer. I think there’s a — I think this is wide open on both sides. And — but look, right now my focus is getting implemented what the president talked about last night to nail down this recovery and get the middle class back in the game.”