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You, Too, Can Dine Out Like President Obama!

It's great to be king

It’s great to be king

Although not on the taxpayers’ dime, of course. Still, just in time for tonight’s snoozefest SOTU, my old employer, Time magazine, embarrasses itself with this shameless piece of puffery regarding Barry’s belly. Get ready to lose your lunch over this crackerjack forary into clueless investigative journalism:

Since Barack Obama is preparing to deliver the State of the Union Tuesday, we decided, naturally, to check on the state of the President’s plate. Obama is our first foodie President, and his eating habits say a great deal about what tops America’s tables.

After reviewing more than 12,400 reports filed by the White House press pool since Obama took office six years ago, we were able to uncover nearly every one of his dining choices, from enchiladas with chorizo in Colorado to the best sushi he’s ever had in Tokyo. Our tally shows Obama has left the White House at least 104 times for breakfast, lunch, a snack or dinner, clogging restaurant parking lots with Presidential motorcades everywhere from Honolulu to Martha’s Vineyard.

And the results are in: Alan Wong’s of Honolulu is Obama’s favorite restaurant. The First Couple has picked at least 15 places for Date Night. And Obama, who’s eaten in at least 28 states since taking office, is nearly three times as likely to find himself wielding a fork and knife in a place that voted for him than against him.

Scroll down at the link for the complete list. Burgers, steaks, and of course the super high-end eateries Obama and Michelle favor and grace with their presence. Bon appetit!