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Reuters Reports 'Free' Community College Plan Will Cost $60 Billion, Then Covers for the President

Oh-oh…the government wants to help again.

President Barack Obama promoted a proposal to offer two years of free community college tuition to students on Friday but the plan and its $60 billion pricetag over 10 years immediately faced skepticism from Republican lawmakers.

Obama floated the education idea on the third and final day of a tour to promote agenda items being prepared for his Jan. 20 State of the Union address, a speech that will be his first to the U.S. Congress since Republicans won the Senate in November elections.

A quick note about real media bias here. Since the president’s speech yesterday, I cannot even speculate on how many articles about it that used the word “free” in the headline, but didn’t mention or question potential cost. This is precisely how the advocacy media helps the leftists brainwash the masses.

This particular post actually did report the truth, then experienced cheerleader’s remorse. It provides another glimpse into just how deeply the media’s need to “rah-rah” for this president is. Look at this paragraph:

Obama has maintained a sunny mood throughout the tour, promoting the prospect of bipartisan harmony and declining to attack Republicans, in what amounts to an early attempt to try find political harmony in Washington.

Once the bad news about the president’s idea was reported, it was almost required that something nice be written about him, no matter how far removed from reality it was. Two sentences of truthful reporting were just too much to bear, and it was time to get back to op-ed speculation about feelings.

“He’s gone two days without saying anything bad about Republicans, ISN’T HE JUST DREAMY?”

Long after Barack Obama leaves office, the MSM enablers of leftist nonsense will remain.

They are, and have been for decades, the real problem.