Martin O'Malley Weighing a Run at Hillary Clinton

Progressives at the gate.

“I’m very seriously looking at” a presidential run, O’Malley told a packed audience at the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics. “I’ve been encouraged as I travel around the country, by the number of people who repeat again and again and again their desire for getting things done again as a country and for new leadership in order to get those things done.”

The gathering, which included remarks from O’Malley and a question-and-answer session, was hosted by the institute’s founding director David Axelrod. O’Malley has struggled to gain media attention amid the constant coverage of Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton, and appearing with Axelrod, President Barack Obama’s longtime adviser, gave him a platform.


O’Malley’s approval numbers were swirling down the toilet at the end of his term in Maryland, but when have progressives ever let the overwhelming unpopularity of their politics factor into any decisions?

Hillary Clinton is tremendously vulnerable from the far left, which is why the talk about any potential primary threats always involves the progressives. The Democrats aren’t going to be able to run on much in the way of accomplishments next year, so a frenzied mob lathered up by class-warfare rhetoric from Elizabeth Warren or Martin O’Malley may be their best shot.

Or the Republicans could just nominate Jeb Bush and hand the election to them.



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