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China Looking For Economic Foothold In Latin America

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Foreign ministers from the Community of Latin American and Caribbean member states have converged on Beijing for the 2-day CELAC-China summit, which seeks to increase cooperation between the regional body and the Asian giant.

Kicking off the event was China’s commitment of US$250 billion to invest in the 33 states making up the CELAC body over the next decade.

“It is fundamental to be able to count on a great investment partner. It could be to share efforts for the development of plans and their benefits,” said President of Ecuador Rafael Correa.

He went on to say, “China has more than demonstrated its economic capacity, and above all its clear political will to meet the challenge of this magnitude. This is what has made it a fundamental strategic partner in many of our countries.”

Opening the summit, Chinese President Xi Jinping said that trade between Latin America and China is expected to surpass US$500 billion over the next 10 years.

This gives a lifeline to Venezuela, which has been in the wasted commie cash sewer for a while now. This is also the new world order, with China stepping into the Great Communist Influencer role played by the Soviet Union for so many decades. Hey, they’re making all of that interest money from us, why not play rich uncle to some of our neighbors now?

The Hope and Change years have been very, very good to China.