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BREAKING: Another Cop Shooting In Paris

Yet again:

A police officer has been seriously injured in a second shooting in Paris. Gunmen are said to have escaped into the Metro after automatic gunfire was reported at Montrouge. A suspect has reportedly been arrested after the shootout.

One of two municipal policemen was badly hurt, a police source told Reuters. The source added that it was unclear if there is any link at this stage to the Charlie Hebdo attack, in which three suspected al-Qaeda gunmen targeted the offices of the French satirical magazine, killing 12 people. ITELE television station said that two police officers were lying on the ground after the second shooting.

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France’s top security official says two people, including a police officer, have been gravely wounded in a shooting on the southern edge of Paris. Interior Minister Berbard Cazeneuve said authorities were doing their utmost to identify and arrest the attacker, and he cautioned against jumping to conclusions, a day after masked gunmen killed 12 people — including two police — in an assault on a satirical newspaper.

Cazeneuve left an emergency government meeting to travel to the scene of Thursday’s shooting. Paris police said it was too early to draw any connection between the shootings. France is on its highest level of alert.

What possible connection could there be?

Live updates here. The cop shot, in the back, was a woman, said to be in critical condition. Authorities are looking for a 52-year-old man wearing a bulletproof vest and carrying a handgun and some sort of semi-automatic or automatic rifle.