In Other News: Cuba Still a Ruthless Commie Dictatorship After Normalization of Relations


The Cuban government is resisting the release of several of the 53 people the U.S. government has said were to be freed as part of a thaw in relations, linking them to acts of violence, a congressional aide told Reuters.

“We’ve been told that the Cuban government has agreed to release all but several of the political prisoners on the list,” the aide said.

“The government in Havana believes that the smaller group has committed acts of violence,” the aide said.

No specific number of prisoners was provided.


It’s easy to negotiate when you get to arbitrarily change the terms of the agreement after you’ve gotten what you want. When pressed yesterday, the State Department’s Jen Psaki all but admitted that Cuba really doesn’t have to comply with any of this.

The eternally naive philosophy of this administration regarding foreign policy is that being nice to hostile regimes will in turn make them nicer just because. It has not only not worked, but has failed in a most spectacular fashion. The world’s worst players are doing as they please, knowing that there won’t be much, if any, resistance from Washington.

At least for a couple of years.



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