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Elizabeth Warren Sure Gives A Lot Of Campaign Style Speeches For Someone Not Running For President

Doesn’t she have a job to go to?

Sen. Elizabeth Warren savaged trickle-down economics and took a swipe at President Ronald Reagan on Wednesday, blaming both parties for policies she said have devastated U.S. workers while propping up the wealthy.

The Massachusetts Democrat, who many on the left are pressing to run for president as an alternative to Hillary Clinton, also praised President Barack Obama for efforts she said were aiding the economic recovery, but said most Americans still weren’t seeing their lives improve.

“The trickle-down experiment that began in the Reagan years failed America’s middle class,” Warren said in her fiery keynote address to an AFL-CIO conference on raising wages.

Generally, a politician doesn’t spend this much time giving boilerplate speeches unless he or she is laying the groundwork for some election fund raising. Senator Warren has been popping up everywhere (LOOK BEHIND YOU!) lately, for seemingly no other reason than to spew progressive class warfare rhetoric. We already know that she is a progressive, so can the constant public reaffirmation have any other purpose than to draw clear distinctions between her and the woman she swears she isn’t running against?

Speaking of Her Madameship, Warren recently took a verbal shot at Hillary’s biggest lifetime donor, Citigroup.

If Fauxcahontas isn’t running, she is certainly getting in a lot of practice for it. Perhaps she is merely waiting for the inevitable public meltdown from the eternally awful candidate that most presume to be the next Democratic nominee. When Hillary starts stumbling all over herself (as she always does with increased scrutiny), Warren can enter the fray with a, “Well, I didn’t want to do this…” savior approach.