LIVE BLOG: Terror Attack in Paris Targets French Magazine That Published Mohammed Cartoons

12:07p: I’m going to wrap things up here for the moment. I’ll start a new post if the situation warrants. Thanks for tuning in.

12:00n: UK media outdoing themselves today


11:49a: A view of the crowd gathering in Paris

11:45a: Another reminder about last month’s terror attacks in France

11:41a: Re: my earlier comments about ‘Islamophobia’-phobia jumping the shark today

11:37a: LTC Joe Myers (ret) with some thoughts on US homeland security implications

11:36a: Salman Rushdie’s statement

11:35a: Clarie Berlinski of Ricochet has a first-hand account of today’s attack and some select comments

11:30a: Twitter and NY Daily News getting wobbly?



11:13a: Terror expert Thomas Joscelyn has some insights on responsibility for today’s attack

11:09a: RIP #JeSuisCharlie

11:07a: Viva le France! #JeSuisCharlie

11:05a: My PJ Media colleague Bridget Johnson with some important background

11:02a: Abraham Lincoln speaks

10:58a: Sally Kohn is full of win today

10:56a: Some backtrack on that car fire outside the French synagogue






10:46a: More congressional statements:


10:40: First congressional statement I’ve seen so far


10:37a: Our friends the Palestinians

10:33a: More from the tin-ear media

10:31a: Reports seem to be firming up on 3 gunmen, all of whom are still at large

10:29a: Trend this:

10:27a: And a step forward for the Arab media

10:24a: Cognitive dissonance

10:22a: A good reminder of the terror attacks in Paris last month:


10:16a: Arab media acting responsibly, as usual:

10:15a: Another perspective on today’s events:

10:13a: White House Charlie Hebdo rewind ==>

10:11a: More on the suspect package at Spanish newspaper El Pais:

10:10a: Not homegrown?

10:08a: Attackers still on the loose:

10:07a: Salman Rushdie speaks on today’s attack

10:06a: RIP

10:04a: One witness describes today’s attack:

10:03a: More people claiming the car exploding in front of the French synagogue was just an accident.

9:49a: People claiming that car explosion was “mechanical”. We’ll see I guess.

9:46a: NYPD taking precautionary measures to protect yeshiva:

9:36a: A car bomb has exploded outside a synagogue in Sarcelles near Paris:


9:27a: Libya blowback?

9:22a: More tin-ear from the White House:

9:19a: Talk about bad timing:

9:14a: The attackers are still on the loose and this may not be over yet:

9:10a: A Syrian connection?

9:07a: ‘Islamophobia’-phobia is clearly jumping the shark today:

8:52a: Some evidence of responsibility?

UPDATE 8:49a: Reports of more than 2 gunmen seen in video

UPDATE 8:39a: #SmartTake from State Dept “countering violent extremism” adviser Will McCants:

UPDATE 8:23a:

UPDATE 8:20a: Some wisdom from our Turkish NATO allies. AKP referenced is Islamist Erdogan’s ruling party.


UPDATE 8:18a:

UPDATE 8:13a: NBC News has a live video feed from the scene.

UPDATE 8:08a: Attackers are still on the loose.

UPDATE 8:02a: Uh, when the guys are shouting that the “prophet has been avenged,” yes it is.


UPDATE 7:58a: Ugh


UPDATE 7:55a:

UPDATE 7:50a:

UPDATE 7:47a: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

UPDATE 7:32a: 12 dead including 2 police officers

UPDATE 7:28a: Graphic video of gunmen executing police officer.

UPDATE 7:25a: Pics of gunmen:


UPDATE 7:21a: Video of attackers shouting “Allahu Akhbar”

Worth remembering:

UPDATE 6:55a: French President Hollande says 11 dead:

FRANCE24 has an English live feed.

Original Post: Multiple reports of a terror attack in Paris on satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. Reuters is reporting 10 killed. Charlie Hebdo is known for publishing Mohammed cartoons.

AFP reports that the assailants used AK-47s and rocket launchers.

I’m following the Le Monde live feed.


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