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Oh Yeah, Jeb's Running -- But Should He?

As part of battlespace prep for 2016, Bush III has  resigned from all the various corporate boards on which he’s been sitting — the better to make himself a smaller target for oppo research come the next presidential election season, when his greed will make him a sitting fat cat:

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush, moving closer to a possible presidential run, has resigned all of his corporate and nonprofit board memberships, including with his own education foundation, his office said late Wednesday night. He also resigned as a paid adviser to a for-profit education company that sells online courses to public university students in exchange for a share of their tuition payments.

Bush’s New Year’s Eve disclosure, coming in an e-mail from an aide to The Washington Post, culminated a string of moves he has made in recent days to shed business interests that have enriched him since leaving office in 2007. The aide said the resignations had been made “effective today.” The aide said Bush was reviewing other businesses in which he is principal partner or owner, such as Jeb Bush & Associates, a consulting firm, and Britton Hill Partnership, a business advisory group that in 2013 set up private-equity funds investing in energy and aviation.

Just what America needs: another GOP millionaire with zero skin in the game, deigning to run for the highest office in the land out of a sense of noblesse oblige. In case you’re scoring at home, the Jebster would make the third member of the patrician Bush family of Wall Street and the leafier precincts of Connecticut, with some dubious ties in its family background. If somehow elected, Jeb would be the third member of the family in the White House, establishing a new low in political nepotism in a country without a hereditary monarchy.

Need more proof? Then check this out:

In the strongest sign to date that he intends to seek the 2016 Republican Presidential nomination, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush has officially resigned his position as George W. Bush’s brother. “No longer being related to his brother is a key step to clearing Jeb’s path to the nomination,” an aide said on New Year’s Day. “We expect his poll numbers to soar on this.”