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'Selfie Sticks' Are Selling Out Around the Country

Americans’ obsession with themselves continues to manifest, as Bloomberg reports that the “selfie stick” is a retail hit. More than 100,000 have been purchased during the month of December alone.

If you aren’t one of the many Americans who love to take photos of themselves and post them all over social media, a selfie stick is a stick you can attach to your cell phone which enables you to take a picture of yourself at a higher angle. Perhaps the people you inflict your selfie photos on are tired of the standard “arms length” angle and are looking for something new. If so, the selfie stick is for you.

Here is a photo of people using one:

CBGB Music and Film Festival

Nordstrom is “scrambling” to restock the stick, selling out twice before Christmas.  It is currently sold out of the “selfie on a stick” model, in case you were in the market for one.

“It was one of the most popular Christmas gifts this year,” Andy Brennan, an analyst at IBISWorld, told Bloomberg. “Every retailer I spoke with about selfie sticks sold out and had to resupply.”

Never fear, if your vanity is compelling you to procure one of these awful devices, they are available for purchase at Walmart, Best Buy and Amazon.