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Most Tweeted News Story of 2014: #ferguson

The digital research team Echelon has analyzed the Twitter news cycle and found that the most tweeted news story of 2014 was the Ferguson grand jury verdict.  The shooting death of 18 year-old Michael Brown by police officer Darren Wilson created more mentions than any other story, both the events surrounding the shooting and the grand jury verdict several months later.

“And between the initial protests that followed Brown’s death and the grand jury decision months later that cleared Officer Wilson of any charges, #Ferguson was far and away the most talked-about event of the year.”


The second most popular news topic was the midterm elections, followed by the State of the Union address.

The firm also broke down Twitter mention by political leaning and found that while conservatives had more to say about Benghazi, guns, Iraq and Ebola, liberals were more likely to talk about Chris Christie, Obamacare, Ferguson/Eric Garner and the midterm elections. But regardless of political persuasion, the most-talked about politician for both sides, by far, was President Barack Obama.

The firm also reported the most re-tweeted tweet of the year, which was entirely apolitical:

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