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'Black James Bond' Controversy Reveals the Real Racists


I love liberals like E! Online’s Marc Malkin. Always looking through the wrong end of the telescope.

Unlike Rush Limbaugh, I’m indifferent to James Bond’s skin color. He’s not part of my personal mythology. If Idris Elba gets the role, it won’t matter a jot to me.

But those yelling “racism” over the anti-black-Bond backlash are pointing the finger in the wrong direction.

Everybody (else) knows (or should by now, thanks to those leaked Sony emails) that movies with black leads don’t do well overseas, and the overseas market is where blockbusters finally earn back their hundred-million dollar budgets and “go into the black,” as it were. They matter more than the domestic market, which is part of the reason today’s movies are mostly flashy, empty franchise cud.

Those “sophisticated” Europeans that the North American left so envies, and who themselves are constantly scolding America for its “racism,” are the very ones who decline to buy tickets to films with black stars.

And then there are other overseas markets — the Middle East, Japan, China and elsewhere — where anti-black prejudice is so chronic it might make a KKK member turn white(r).

For once, Hollywood isn’t entirely to blame for something bad.

This time, it’s those damn foreigners.