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Awesome: 11 Hour Exodus Promo Features Burning Bush & the Biblical Text

I regard Ridley Scott as one of the most overrated directors of our time. Check out his whole filmography and they’re all high on visual whizbang but low on compelling characters, gripping stories, or challenging themes. Instead of watching his new movie mutilate the Bible, how about instead just make a point to read a little of Exodus every day? This creative web promo for the movie that juxtaposes the burning bush with the text of the Bible might help inspire:

Hat tip: Mediaite.

After years of loathing Scott’s movies, I’ve decided to stop ragging on him and forgive him his cinematic trespasses for one reason alone: his work as a TV producer, in particular with The Good Wife, redeems the very lousy movies he has inflicted on filmgoers and the vacuous cinematic trends he’s encouraged. He is now absolved of his movie sins. Scott should stick to producing and leave directing to those who actually care about stories and characters more than visual spectacle.

Check out The Good Wife if you haven’t yet. My Good Wife and I are currently in the middle of binge-watching it on Amazon Prime. Here’s an example of how cool it is: