Oh Yeah, Jeb Is Running. Lucky Us


Third time's charm

Third time’s charm

In case you were wondering whether the “Jeb ’16!” nightmare might actually be coming true:

When Jeb Bush completed two terms as governor of Florida in 2007, he reported his net worth at $1.3 million, about $700,000 less than when he took office. Today, nearly eight years later, he is a wealthier man. He has plunged into business and entrepreneurial ventures involving consulting, the paid lecture circuit and energy development. He has developed real estate, advised international investment banks and joined high-paying corporate boards.

But as he considers a run for president in 2016, Bush has begun to unwind some of his financial affairs, apparently to avoid the kind of criticism that hobbled fellow Republican Mitt Romney in his unsuccessful bid for the White House in 2012. Bush is quitting Tenet Healthcare Corp. — a company that has profited from Obamacare — and is ending a consulting contract with Barclays Bank to focus on his political future. Aides say he also has stopped giving highly paid speeches to focus on traveling America, meeting with potential donors and testing what a friend calls a “visionary” brand of campaigning.


Just what America needs: another Republican millionaire with exactly zero skin in the game running for the White House. And a third member of the Bush family. Who knew that Ronald Reagan’s vice president would be the gift that keeps on giving?


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