Merry Christmas: Here's 1,200 New Regulations from the Obama Admin

Worse than a stocking full of coal, the Obama Administration has gifted the country with more than 1,200 new regulations right before Christmas. According to the nanny-state death star,, more than 1,200 new regulations have come out in the last 15 days alone.


So where are you about to lose some liberty? Certainly in the wallet.

In the Energy and Environment category, 139 new regulations were created.  Once of the most controversial rules, the coal ash rule, comes with a $20.3 billion price tag. The new coal ash rule details were finalized last week.

The Daily Caller writes, “Regulations listed on include ‘Notices from the Federal Register; Proposed Rules; Final Rules.’ The government website shows that 309 rules were proposed or finalized in the last 15 days and 892 notices from the federal register were received — some of which could lead to new rulemakings.”

The grand total, including the coal ash rule, puts the cost of the regulations at $200 billion.

Merry Christmas!




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